Capping Electric Load Peaks – Where’s The Value?

Large electric foodservice equiment devices do need, of course, their energy. However, the use of different machines at the same time may, if not managed properly, cause unneccessary electric load peaks.

Since unforeseen load peaks demand a more complex net management for the utilities, high amounts of money are being charged for each peak .

FSE manufacturer Kueppersbusch and their partner Sicotronic report a longterm business relationship in capping load peaks for commercial foodservice customers. A built in value contribution to the customers’ balance sheet.

We were able to interview Kueppersbusch CEO Marc-Oliver Schneider and Sicotronic MD Norbert Wittke to get a deeper understanding of load peak management and, in result, capping it.

The conversation was being held in German language, it was published here with subtitles in English language. 


The interview was conducted by Tim Oberstebrink FCSI

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